Pedagogy and Curriculum

Occupy University is intentional about pedagogy (how we teach) and curriculum (what we teach).


Many of us have started to wonder what education might look like if we instead started by assuming that everyone – teachers, students, everyone – shares a basic equality of intelligence.  Of course we realize that people have different levels of knowledge and skill in particular areas, and we’re not questioning that. But what if we put a bit less emphasis on that, and instead put a bit more emphasis on our common intelligence? What if it turns out that people learn best as part of a less hierarchical, more collaborative process – one that takes place between equals?


We think that education in a subject should help us to learn, not just about the subject itself, but about how that subject connects up with the larger forces that control so much of our lives.

Politically empowering lines of inquiry articulate our general thinking about what Occupy University could become. They also function as a structural starting point for developing classes. The topics we pursue are not closed categories; we anticipate and encourage interdisciplinary thinking and cross-fertilization between topics. The following is a document in progress and is subject to change. Core Civic Empowerment Curriculum