Studying May Day – Recommended Readings

1st Session: March 4 (Introductory Session)

OWS Direct Action “Proposal in support of May Day 2012” (passed by NYCGA on 2/14/12)
OWS Direct Action Blog (w/ May Day meeting minutes)
The Incomplete, True, Authentic and Wonderful History of May Day
A Short History of May Day
Can Occupy Pull off a General Strike?
What Chance a General Strike in Manhattan?
The Rise of the “Precariat”
General Strike

2nd Session: March 11 (General Strike – Manny Ness & Jeremy Brecher)

Immanuel Ness and Dario Azzellini, Ours to Master and to Own
Jeremy Brecher, Strike! (Especially Chapter 2, “May Day”)
Jeremy Brecher, Save the Humans (Especially Chapers 22 & 23)

3rd Session: March 18 (Austerity – Paddy Quick & Barbara Bowen)

The Great Recession and the Deficit
PSC CUNY Website

4th Session: March 25 (Immigration – Ruth Milkman & OWS Immigrant Worker Justice WG)

Immigrant Workers, Precarious Work, and the US Labor Movement
Immigrant Workers and the Future of American Labor
Immigrants & Occupy Wall Street
OWS Immigrant Worker Justice WG Page
May 1st Coalition for Worker and Immigrant Rights
Great American Boycott

5th Session: April 1 (Labor Today/Informal Workers – Michelle Holder & Premilla Nadasen)

Only 1 in 4 Young Black Men in New York City Has a Job
Unemployment in New York City During the Recession and Early Recovery – Young Black Men Hit the Hardest
“Tell Dem Slavery Done”: Domestic Workers United and Transnational Feminism

6th Session: April 15 (May Day & Shorter Hours – Stanley Aronowitz)

Phil Nicholson, Labor’s Story in the United States (Especially Chapter 4, “The Heroic Age of Labor”)
The Story of May Day

7th Session: April 22 (Global University – Gigi Roggero)

Global University, Knowledge Production and the Common: The Permanent Crisis of the Cognitive Capitalism
Marc Bousquet, How the University Works: Higher Education and the Low- Wage Nation
Edu-Factory Collective, Toward a Global Autonomous University: Cognitive Labour, the Production of Knowledge, and Exodus from the Education Factory
Gigi Roggero, The Production of Living Knowledge: The Crisis of the University and the Transformation of Labor in Europe and North America
Andrew Ross, Nice Work If You Can Get It: Life and Labor in Precarious Times


Additional Resources

May Day May Day Resources (lots!)
The 1930’s: Turning Point for U.S. Labor
Paul Avrich, The Haymarket Tragedy
Philip S. Foner, May Day: A Short History of the International Workers’ Holiday, 1886-1986
Philip S. Foner, The Great Labor Uprising of 1877
Donna T. Haverty-Stacke, America’s Forgotten Holiday: May Day and Nationalism, 1867-1960
May Day NYC
6 Ways to Get Ready for the May 1st GENERAL STRIKE

Strikes General Strike Resources (scroll down)
Rosa Luxemburg, The Mass Strike
Bill Haywood, The General Strike
W.E.B DuBois, The General Strike
Ralph Chaplin, The General Strike
Sharon Smith, Subterranean Fire
Howard Zinn, People’s History of the United States (Chapter 15 – Self Help in Hard Times)
Farrell Dobbs, Teamster Rebellion (Chapter 6 – Organizing the Strike)
Jeremy Brecher, Strike!
Georges Sorel, Reflections on Violence (Chaper 5 – The Political General Strike)
Gandhi-Tagore letters on Non-Cooperation
Joe Burns, Reviving the Strike: How Working People Can Regain Power and Transform America
Kristin Ross, May ’68 and Its Afterlives
Howard Zinn and Robin DG Kelley, Three Strikes