Occupied Algebra

Mathematics for the 99%!

At present, algebra is the main gatekeeper of the college gates: over 75% of high school graduates who enter CUNY colleges have to take remedial arithmetic and algebra in college – and only 50% of those get through.

The political problem of mathematics teaching is not difficult to grasp. By creating a barrier of fear towards mathematics, generation after generation of the 99% are separated, on the individual level, from their naturally given mathematical talent and aptitude, and hence from gaining access to the lucrative mathematically-based technological job market.

Fear, dislike, trembling, and mind freezing are the mental states typical of mathematics students. The aim of this course is to explore the possibility of transforming that fear of mathematics into mathematical creativity through carefully chosen topics whose structure conforms to the general creativity.

LAUNCHING: May 1, 12-3, Madison Square Park

REGULAR TIME AND PLACE (every week after May 1): Monday, 630pm, at Union Square (Rain location: Trump Atrium)


  1. B Buyer

    Can you send a transcript or video of your workshop? I teach mathematics. If your words can inspire students, it will worth the trouble.