Freeganism 101

Do you want to reduce your consumer impact on the earth, humans, and animals? Are you concerned about the wastefulness of our consumer society? Want to help counteract the effects of commodity fetishism? Want to create cognitive dissonance for the¬†bourgeois¬†on the streets? Come to the monthly Freeganism 101 course to learn how to find useable goods in the refuse of our throw-away culture, to identify wild edibles, to repair and rebuild bikes, clothing and more. Learn more about the class at, find other events at , and join the mailing lists on Riseup (search keyword “freegannyc”).


Freeganism 101 is facilitated by the freegan community of New York City and has been running for years. We are excited by this new opportunity to collaborate with Occupy University. If you are mainly interested in dumpster diving in NYC, consider going on your own or in small groups rather than on our “trash tours”, which are oriented more for learning than for acquisition. Our dumpster directories for Manhattan and Brooklyn are great resources.
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