Propose a course

We are piloting a three-tier course proposal process

Tier 1:
Develop your course, let us know about it, and we’ll be happy to link to it from our site. We will share it with visitors letting them know we were not involved in its development.

Tier 2:
Collaborate with us to strengthen your course proposal. What this means, is that we will bring your proposal to one of our weekly meetings, at which time anyone can suggest friendly amendments. We will never reject your course, and instead work with you to best align it with our pedagogy and our mission. The course will be listed on the website as co-developed with OccU.

Tier 3:
Once a course is running, or has run, students and/or the facilitator may request an assessment. We are still finalizing this process, but it will be an assessment of the course’s structure, its facilitation, and most importantly, the students’ learning. The course will be listed on the website as co-developed and assessed by OccU.

This system assumes that

  1. OccU wants to have as many courses running as possible
  2. OccU doesn’t want to turn anyone away
  3. Many learners will want to ensure there is a level of quality in OccU’s offerings
  4. A tiered system encourages collaboration
  5. A tiered system ensures that the most visible courses are those with the highest quality

What do you think? We’ll be testing this, but would also love to hear from you!

To give us feedback on the course proposal process we’re developing, or to go ahead and discuss putting together a course, contact us. Please fill out our contact form and we will be in touch shortly.

You can also reach us via email and on Twitter, @owsuniversity.