McTeacher’s Night

At this event, teachers put on McDonald’s aprons and serve McDonald’s food to students and parents from the school community. Part of the night’s profits go to the school district.

(From the website) In March, McDonald’s Restaurants in the St. Louis/Metro East Area partnered with educators to raise money for schools in Missouri and Illinois. Over the past nine years, McTeacher’s Night has provided students, faculty and parents with the opportunity to increase school pride and generate funds for their school by allowing them to take over a McDonald’s location from 4-8 p.m., with a percentage of the sales going directly to their school. Since the inception of McTeacher’s Night in 2003, local McDonald’s Restaurants have raised more than half-a-million dollars to benefit area schools.

All school levels (elementary, middle and senior high schools) were represented on McTeacher’s Night, including public, private and parochial schools. “This was a great social and fundraising event for our parents and students,” said one local principal. “The manager and staff were tremendous!”

McTeacher’s Night takes place at participating McDonald’s Restaurants in Missouri and the surrounding areas twice a year. The next McTeacher’s Night will take place on October 2nd, 2012. If you are interested in participating in McTeacher’s Night, please contact your local McDonald’s.


  1. Adam Weissman

    Just what kids need to improve their education! More sugary soft drinks that promote ADD! More greasy death burgers to clog their arteries and make them sluggish! More empty calorie white flour and french fries! So when exactly did Occupy get in bed with one of the worst exploiters of labor, destroyers of the environment, abusers of animals, and destroyers of local culture and global health on the planet?

    Maybe instead of “We are the 99%!”, we should be chanting “We are the 1%’s PR vehicle!”

    Oh, wait — best line:

    “PART of the night’s profits go to the school district.” (emphasis added)

    So McDonald’s not only gets PR off this event – they profit off of it too!

  2. Joe

    So it works like this:

    1) You stop funding public schools
    2) You force them to turn to private companies in order to raise funds.
    3) Public schools, and public school teachers, are then expected to be grateful for the chance to work hard generating PR for those private companies.

    And you’ve got it – public subsidies to private companies! hooray!

    Not to mention the fact that, in this case, the public schools are being used to promote junk food for children.

    Sorry to sound bitter, but this kind of thing is hard to swallow. (See what I did there?)